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Swimming with the Tide , by C.L. Cheshire

Island development today could learn from the past: the importance of trading partnerships and self-enforced contracts.

April 2010 (MC #81) Business Economics

Why I Can’t Get A Loan…and Probably Shouldn’t Anyway! , by C.L. Cheshire

Helping prospective businessmen draw up a business plan for a loan may be a bad idea

August 2000 (MC #30) Business

Business and Family in Micronesia , by C.L. Cheshire

Compilation of best practices for balancing kin obligations with what is needed to make a business work.

November 2001 (MC #37) Business

An Alternative Strategy for Developing a Micronesian Export Industry , by C.L. Cheshire

An inventory of factors to be considered before opening an export business in the islands.

June 2003 (MC #47) Business

A Tuna Industry in Micronesia? , by Peter Wilson

The case for launching a large fishing industry in the islands despite a long list of past failures.

April 2007 (MC #66) Business Economics

Who Will Own Business in Majuro , by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Study of how Chinese immigrants have become dominant in business on Majuro and what effects this is having on the local population.

April 2006 (MC #61) Business

The Clam Industry in the Marshalls , by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

History of the clam industry and the problems encountered along the way.

August 2004 (MC #51) Business Economics