The Taste of Pork: Congressional Funds for Development

A Puzzling People Many years ago a young man, then in his early twenties, arrived in the islands to begin a teaching stint at a private high school. He comes freshly scrubbed, filled with hope, convinced that he can help the young islanders he will be teaching. After all, he knows that the people of […]

Vitamin A Deficiency

What's the Problem? Vitamin A Deficiency is doing serious damage to our children. Although some of its other symptoms can be more critical, its best known symptom is night blindness, when young people simply can't see anything in the evening because their eyes are no longer capable of making the proper adjustments. Some children show […]

How Good is Our Health Care in FSM

Our Health Care System and its History The discussion was not about whether doctors and nurses needed more training, why the hospitals never seem to have enough medicine, and what new equipment is needed to provide better health care. The topic of the discussion was on health care systems–that it, the way in which health […]