Your New Business Doesn’t Have to Fail

C.L. Cheshire, working with the University of Hawaii Business Center Program, led a discussion on business development–and its pitfalls–in Micronesia. Twenty-one people attended the discussion, which was held on Saturday morning, 9-12, April 1, 2000, in the Micronesian Seminar conference room. Financing Your Business In the past financing a new business wasn't too much of […]

The YTK Proposal and the Future of Fishing in Pohnpei

Background Some months ago YTK Corporation offered a unsolicited proposal to Pohnpei State to invest a total of $460 million for a three-phase development project located on Dekehtik Island. The first phase of the project, scheduled to begin next year, is aimed at the renovation and expansion of the dock and establishing fisheries facilities nearby. […]

What Can We Do to Promote Private Business

Introduction The moderator reviewed the facts regarding the situation in which FSM now finds itself. The government is halfway through the Compact funding period. It has already felt the impact of the first step-down in funding and will feel the effects of the second step-down in another three years. Meanwhile, the economy of the FSM […]